Support Groups

Every journey begins with the first step.

Be part of a group that supports you, as you journey through the ups and downs of caring for someone on the autism spectrum.

The First Step: asd parent support group online community was formed in 2011 for those parents seeking online support. It is a place for parents to connect and share their asd parenting experience.

Though most of our members are predominantly from the inner-western suburbs of Melbourne, thanks to the wonderful world of the internet, we welcome members far and wide.

This is a secret Facebook group, and membership is via email invitation.

You may also wish to join The Next Step, which was recently formed for parents with children moving into high school and teenage years. The Next Step is a closed Facebook group and you can request membership directly via the link below.

Follow the link below to connect with the to The Next Step:

Please note that both The First Step and The Next Step support groups are volunteer-lead sites. Please be patient with me, I will always respond to your emails.

To connect with us, please email Anna at