Social Stories

In 2007 we travelled to Port Douglas , a holiday that we had been looking forward to for a long time. We had gone on away with the kids a few times before to know that we needed to be better prepared. Let’s just say that we had encountered our fair share of challenges. This time we were going to do things right. This time we had a plan…we had a Social Story.

“A change is as good as a holiday”, so the saying goes. But what may be exciting for some, fills others with anxiety.

To make it work for all of us, I wrote a simple social story to help soothe the fear away.

Here’s a link to a social story I made for the girls for our holiday to Queensland.

Holiday Social Story pdf

Social stories do more than tell a story-they SHOW a story.

A social story can be used to: 

  • change a behaviour
  • prepare for a special event
  • advise of upcoming changes to routine

TIPS that work

  • focus on ONE behaviour at a time
  • make positive statements with simple sentences
  • include pictures to reinforce the words
  • pictures can be drawn on downloaded from your computer
  • involve your child when making the story
  • choose your words carefully-remember ASD kids are literal
  • Read it MANY times